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Caprice Restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong

Caprice Restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel

According to famous travel website reviews, Caprice takes one of the highest spot as the best place to dine of all the restaurants in the Hong Kong metropolitan. This 3-Michelin Star French restaurant offers only the freshest of ingredients flown in daily from France all the way to Hong Kong to create their distinguished exquisite fine dining menu. Truly, they live up to their reputation of offering the best of France in the heart of Asia.

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Caprice bread and butter

This photo of Caprice bread and butter is courtesy of Tzahy Lerner via Wikimedia Commons.

The food served in Caprice is freshly cooked to perfection, the waiters and staffs are very knowledgeable about their course menus, the ambiance is overlooking the Victoria Harbour, the place is intimate with just enough room for movement, and their atmosphere plays soft music perfect for a conversation. Located at the 6th floor of Four Seasons Hotel, this magnificent dining place creates a memory of class and elegance taken directly out of French setting. Caprice's well-lighted room is adorned with crystal chandeliers that makes the dining experience more succulent to remember.

Caprice cheeses

This photo of Caprice cheeses is courtesy of Tzahy Lerner via Wikimedia Commons.

They are highly rated, highly recommended and with just a fair price for a multi awarded and first class restaurant. If you are looking for the best gastronomic experience when in Hong Kong, Caprice is the place to go. You will never dine the same way again!

Website : Caprice at Four Seasons Hotel

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